Simple Elderflower Lemonade

Britney Fitzgerald

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Makes 6 servings

Elderflower heads

3 lemons

6 cups water

1 cup honey

David and Luise from The Green Kitchen blog shared a few better-for-you lemonade recipes with KIWI! So how is this tasty treat healthier than what you find in stores? According to David, honey is a “less-refined replacement for sugar ” …and it works great in lemonade!


1. Gather as many Elderflower heads as you can get hold of, and place in a large container.

2. Slice three lemons thinly.

3. Add one cup of honey (or more, if you want it to be sweeter).

4. Pour 6 cups boiling water into the bucket. Stir around and leave to steep in a cool place for 72 hours, stirring once or twice every day.

5. Strain and serve with ice!

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