Resolve to be a Better Family in 2017

Gregg Murset, CEO of BusyKid

Gregg Murset, CEO of BusyKid and father of six, suggests parents consider setting a tradition of making family resolutions that will improve every member’s life, strengthen family bonds, and encourage family fun such as:

Set a Date for Meals Together. Families are busy, but set aside one night each week for a family meal. Put it on everyone’s calendars, digital or paper, and take turns picking meals, preparing, and cleaning up together.

Tackle a Family Project. Pick at least one project to tackle as a family—paint a room, clean the garage, plant a garden. Just do it together. Have everyone come up with ideas and then vote on which improvement project is the family favorite. Make a supply list, have the kids research how to do certain jobs online, talk to the experts at your local hardware store, and then roll up your sleeves!

Explore Close To Home. Each state has so many amazing places that often go forgotten by those living closest to them. Pick at least one destination close to home and make a day trip out of it for the entire family.

Make a Family Investment. Decide this is going to be the year where you finally dabble in the stock market. As a family, agree on one or two companies where you would like to invest a small amount of money. Then, at your weekly family meal, designate one person (this can rotate) to be in charge of providing an update on how that stock is doing.

Declare a No Technology Holiday. Pick one of the holidays of the year and put all technology away for that one day—no phone, no laptop, and no tablet. While celebrating the significant meaning of that day, add to it some new memories of your family reconnecting instead of staring at screens.

Choose A Charity. As a family, identify a local charity or family in need to support for the entire year. What you do to support that charity or family is up to you. Whether you give time, money, labor, or products, the important thing is to stay committed as a family.

About BusyKid

Formerly known as My Job Chart, is the first mobile-website that helps parents teach children about work ethic, responsibility, accountability and managing real money.  Even though the website lets kids learn real life lessons surrounding earning and spending money, it also encourages strong character traits, good behavior and supporting charitable organizations.

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