Made in Nature Summer Crafts

Bring the great outdoors inside with these three simple and fun crafts inspired by nature.

Seashell Mobile
Add a touch of coastal whimsy to any room with this colorful mobile made from shells.

Flower Print Coasters
Simply collect a few of your favorite flowers or leaves make these chic coasters.

Tealight Holders
This woodsy craft upcycles empty tuna cans to create tealight holders.

Seashell Mobile

Add a touch of coastal whimsy to any room with this colorful mobile made from shells collected on those memorial family beach trips.


  • Seashells 
  • 7 ½ feet of string or twine
  • Stick or dowel rod 
  • Drill


  1. Rinse your shells of any sand or debris and let dry.
  1. For adults: If the shells you have collected do not have natural holes in them, use a drill to gently and carefully create a small hole near the top of each shell. (No drill? No problem! Try using a thumbtack or scissors instead.)

    Note: The thickness of your string will determine the size of the hole, as you want to make sure the string fits through the hole.
  1. Cut your string or twine into four five-foot-long pieces. Tie the first piece of string to your rod.
  1. Thread the string through your seashells, going through the front of the shell. Tie a knot after you have threaded the string through at the desired spot for your first shell to hang. (Note: the back of the shell should sit on the knot, so you may need to re-knot it over itself two or three times if the knot is too small to hold the shell up.)
  1. Repeat this process until you have reached the end of the string. Tie off the end around the last shell’s hole and trim any excess. 
  1. Repeat this three more times until you have four hanging strings of seashells.
  1. Tie the last piece of string to both ends of the stick or dowel rod to hang.

Flower Print Coasters

The abundance of flowers and leaves during the summer makes this print project a breeze. Simply collect a few of your favorites from around the yard or from a park to make these chic coasters.


  • Non-toxic modeling clay (colored clay is optional, but we used grey) 
  • 4–6 flowers, twigs, or leaves
  • Rolling pin
  • 3.5 inch round biscuit cutter


  1. After collecting your desired flowers, twigs, or leaves of choice, clean off any dirt or bugs.
  1. On a flat surface, roll out an 8 inch by 8 inch square of modeling clay, half an inch thick.
  1. Take your flowers, twigs, or leaves and lay them out on top of the clay. Roll the rolling pin over them gently, making sure to press into the clay. Remove the flowers, twigs, and leaves using tweezers, your fingers, or pliers, depending on what is easiest.
  1. Using a round biscuit cutter, cut out four circles from the clay, making sure to cut all the way through.
  1. Remove any excess clay and set the four round coasters out to dry. (Note: this can take up to two days depending on the humidity.)
  1. Set out on a table for a chic splash of nature.

Tealight Holders

This woodsy craft upcycles empty tuna cans to create tealight holders. Perfect for a small table centerpiece, you can transition these tiny treasures from season to season.


  • Bundle of sticks and twigs 
  • Empty tuna can 
  • Hot glue gun 
  • Burlap 
  • Twine


  1. Collect thin twigs and sticks from your yard.
  1. Trim to a similar length, about 3–4 inches long. Save smaller pieces as well. 
  1. Wash and dry tuna can and remove the wrapper from the outside.
  1. For adults: glue each twig to the outside of the tuna can, one next to each other straight up and down. Use the small pieces of sticks and twigs to fill in any gaps or large spaces between the larger sticks. 
  1. Once all of the sticks and twigs have been glued to the can, wrap with a piece of burlap and tie off with twine. Depending on the season, you can switch out the twine for colorful ribbon to match other decor.