In Season Now: Butternut Squash

Why we love them: Chock full of vitamins A and C to support vision health, bone growth, and immunity support, this delicious vegetable is low in calories and free from cholesterol. Harvested in late September and October, its versatile, rich and creamy flavor lends itself perfectly to any autumn feast. You can even use butternut squash in your seasonal decor!

How to choose them: Choose a firm squash that is devoid of soft spots and heavy for its size.

How to store them: When stored in a cool, dry location, a whole butternut squash can keep for around a month. When cut, it should be covered and stored in the fridge, lasting up to five days.

Delicious ways to use them: Butternut squash can be pureed into a creamy soup for a yummy comfort dish, cooked into a healthy stew, baked into a vegetarian lasagna, cubed, roasted, and drizzled with olive oil, or sliced skinny and baked like fries. You can even go sweet with your squash by using it in your pies, cakes, and muffins.

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