Self Care Rituals for Warmer Weather

Warm Weather Self Care

With unlimited access to the great outdoors, KIWI challenges you to pamper yourself in unexpected ways. Here are three simple self care ideas for summer.

Move your workout outside

Challenge a your kids to a game of tennis, head to a local nature path, or hit the lake for a swim. Mixing up your routine while getting exercise and fresh air will reinvigorate your spirit during the long, hot days.

Take a backyard meditation break

Being quiet in nature will allow you to experience all the sights and sounds you may take for granted as you move through your busy day. Set up some beach towels in a shady spot in the grass for you and the kids to take some mindful time together. Try one of these four mindfulness exercises that are specifically geared towards kids.

Unplug and unwind with a good book

Step away from the 24-hour news cycle and constant social media updates, take a deep breath, and get lost in a good book. There is nothing more relaxing than losing track of time in the warm sun while reading the latest page turner.  Need some recommendations? Check out our list of empowering books for moms.

This story originally appeared in the Summer 2020 issue of KIWI Magazine. Read the full issue here, or check out the latest from KIWI Magazine.