Shop Smarter: Disposable Diapers

There are good reasons to say no to conventional disposable diapers: “The chlorine bleach that’s used in them leaches the carcinogen dioxin into the environment, and the fluid-absorbing chemicals in the liner can cause skin irritation if ripped,” says Erin Ihde, research/project manager at the Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center in Hackensack, New Jersey, who suggests avoiding diapers that contain fragrance, dyes, chlorine bleach, lotions, and latex. These options bypass those chemicals in favor of sustainable, healthy materials:

Bambo Nature Baby Diapers are dermatologically tested, FSC-certified, and made in a zero-waste facility ($12 per pack,

Earth’s Best Tendercare Chlorine-Free Diapers have an outer layer that’s made with a plant-based material, not petroleum ($12,

EverydayHappy Baby Diapers are lined with chlorine-free wood pulp that’s certified by the Sustainable Forest Initiative ($14, every

Honest Diapers are infused with citrus and chlorophyll instead of artificial fragrances ($14,

Naty’s Eco Nappies are certified to be free of all known allergens and irritating substances ($16,

Seventh Generation Free and Clear Diapers are made with FSC-certified sustainable wood pulp ($10,