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Ask the Nutrition Expert: Cooking with Kids

Our KIWI nutrition expert explains how cooking with your kids encourages them to try new ingredients, diversify their palates, and become more adventurous eaters.

Ask the Nutrition Expert: How Much Milk is Too Much?

Our KIWI nutrition expert, Melissa Halas, speaks on the topic of milk consumption, and how you can avoid giving your kiddos “too much of a good thing.”

Ask the Nutrition Expert: Is Soy Safe for Kids?

Unsure about the safety of soy for your kids? Melissa Halas lends her expertise to tell us how much soy is safe to consume, plus some of the delicious to incorporate it into your little one’s diet.

Ask the Nutrition Expert: Trying New Foods

Have you got picky eaters at home? Melissa Halas offers her expert advice on keeping calm and persistent while trying to get your little ones to try new healthy foods.