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Toilet Paper Tube Snowflake Garland

Save your toilet paper and paper towel tubes this season to make a festive snowflake garland! It is simple to make with supplies found around your home.

Toilet Paper Tube Fabric Pumpkins

These easy-to-make, charming pumpkins use just two main supplies you might already have: toilet paper rolls and old clothes.

Beautiful Dreamer Dream Catcher

This dream catcher uses Eco-fi felt, which is made of recycled bottles, and is the perfect eco-craft to make with your child.

DIY Balloon Pinata

You can buy a conventional party piñata for about $30–or you could make your own with just papier mache and a balloon.

Four Crafts for Cooped-Up Kids

Craft Stained Glass Lanterns

Create colorful and fun stained glass lanterns with tissue paper and glue!

Plant a Terrarium

Make Your Own Corner Bookmark

This craft is a fun way to help your kiddos keep their place in their school books!

Build a Solar System Mobile

When it comes to craft projects, it’s good to think big—and it doesn’t get much bigger than the solar system.

Create an Eco-Organizer

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