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Snackable Science Crafts: Ice Cubes in a Flash

Snack your way through these fun projects! Each of these edible science crafts includes learning points so that you can teach as you create.

Snackable Science Crafts: Cake Soil Layers

This activity uses different types of cake to model the layers that make up soil. You can bake the cakes yourself or use store-bought varieties.

Snackable Science Crafts: Superhero-Egg Cress Heads

Did you know plants can grow without soil? Like humans, plants need water to stay hydrated. You can test it out with this growing cress head science craft.

5 Crafts for When Your Kids Are Stuck Inside

To keep the boredom from setting in, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite KIWI crafts and activities to keep your kiddos occupied.

6 Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

While the meal may be the main event, these fun Thanksgiving crafts will surely liven any tablescape.

DIY Balloon Pinata

You can buy a conventional party piñata for about $30–or you could make your own with just papier mache and a balloon.

Plastic Water Bottle Flowers

Creating plastic water bottle flowers is an easy eco-project for kids and parents to do together.

Four Crafts for Cooped-Up Kids

Craft Stained Glass Lanterns

Plant a Terrarium

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