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Made in Nature Summer Crafts

Bring the great outdoors inside with these three simple and fun crafts inspired by nature.

Plantable Seed Paper Dreidels

Download this digital pattern to make your own dreidel out of seed paper. Simply plant them in the ground and wait for them to sprout!

DIY Bug Spray

Mix up a pleasantly-scented DIY bug spray to keep the flies away day and night.

Make Your Own Corner Bookmark

This craft is a fun way to help your kiddos keep their place in their school books!

Build a Solar System Mobile

When it comes to craft projects, it’s good to think big—and it doesn’t get much bigger than the solar system.

Egg-Carton Spring Flower Wreath DIY

Celebrate spring and hang this DIY spring flower wreath made out of cardboard egg cartons in your home or on your porch, deck, or balcony!

Veggie Stamp Totes

9 DIY Winter Crafts

Some days it’s a little too chilly to play outside, but there are so many fun eco-crafts your kids can create while keeping warm indoors. Upcycled snow globes: Grab a variety of kitchen containers, such as jars, salt shakers, or syrup jars, to create upcycled snow globes in three easy steps. You’ll also need a hot glue gun, a blender, …

Make an Origami Balloon

Milk Carton Birdhouse Feeder

MaterialsMilk carton (1-quart size)ScissorsPaint (two different colors)SandpaperButtonsCereal box or other used piece of cardboardNontoxic glueRickrack or ribbonCraft stick or tongue depressorKnifePeanut butterNewspaperBirdseedString or wire Instructions1. Wash out the milk carton, then cut out the plastic spout but save the plastic cap. Use it to trace a circle about halfway down the front of the carton. 2. Once the carton is …

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