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DIY Red, White, and Blue Garland

Learn how to create a fun and whimsical DIY garland that’s perfect to decorate with for any patriotic holiday.

Sparkly Unicorn Hat

Skip the glue with this super easy project that uses self-adhesive craft foam. These sparkly hats would make an awesome party favor.

Flower Wreath Headband

This is a fantastic low-mess craft that only uses a handful of materials. Add a dot of hot glue to the flower, press it onto the elastic and repeat—it’s so easy!

Winter Glove Monster Puppet

This is such a fun craft project that only uses a handful of materials! The only scraps you’ll be making are from cutting the scraps of long hair fur.

DIY Hanukkah Lights

Materials 8 small glass jars 1 large glass jar White paper Several colors of nontoxic 3-D paint Instructions Soak jars in warm soapy water to remove labels; dry. Slip a rolled-up piece of white paper inside the jar. This will make it easier to see what you’re working on. Add a simple shape—such as a flower, circle, or star—with one …