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A Roundup of Our Best Content to Honor Earth Month 2022

To honor Earth Day, we’re sharing some of our best content to learn about the climate crisis and how you can make an impact in your home and community.

What’s Climate Change Doing to Our Kids’ Health?

When I daydream about what the future holds for my children, it’s already clear that their childhood under the thumb of a changing climate, no doubt.

Book Review: Six Weeks to Zero Waste: A Simple Plan For Life

Six Weeks to Zero Waste: A Simple Plan for Life By Kate Arnell After four years of living a zero waste lifestyle, author Kate Arnell brings an easy-to-follow plan for anyone looking to follow the same path. You’ll learn effective methods for cutting down on food waste and even learn to create your very own homemade health and beauty products. …

Farmed Fish: To Buy or Not to Buy

If you’ve ever stood in front of the seafood counter at the grocery store, utterly confused on whether to buy wild or farmed fish and what the differences are, this is a must read.

Pick 5 for the Environment

Pick 5 for the Environment

Little changes really do add up. That’s why the EPA’s Pick 5 campaign encourages people to make at least 5 green changes in areas like water conservation, clean air, energy use, and waste reduction. Find eco-friendly actions that your kids can commit to (like using less water to  brush their teeth or walking to a friend’s house instead of getting …

Help Kids Help the Planet

How to Be an Environmental Hero

Truth, Justice, and the American Way