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Toilet Paper Tube Snowflake Garland

Save your toilet paper and paper towel tubes this season to make a festive snowflake garland! It is simple to make with supplies found around your home.

Made in Nature Summer Crafts

Bring the great outdoors inside with these three simple and fun crafts inspired by nature.

6 Patriotic Eco-Crafts from Pinterest

We scoured Pinterest for the best eco-friendly patriotic crafts for you and your family to do together this Independence Day.

6 Activities to Do on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Participating in service-day activities can encourage your kids to give back, care for those in need, and build stronger communities.

Clothespin Snowflakes

Nothing says Christmastime like snow! Create your very own winter wonderland by making these clothespin snowflakes.

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween

Trick-or-treating looks different this year, but that’s no reason to skip Halloween! Have a spook-tacular day from the comfort of your own home.

Snackable Science Crafts: Ice Cubes in a Flash

Snack your way through these fun projects! Each of these edible science crafts includes learning points so that you can teach as you create.

Snackable Science Crafts: Cake Soil Layers

This activity uses different types of cake to model the layers that make up soil. You can bake the cakes yourself or use store-bought varieties.

Snackable Science Crafts: Superhero-Egg Cress Heads

Did you know plants can grow without soil? Like humans, plants need water to stay hydrated. You can test it out with this growing cress head science craft.

5 Eco-Friendly Backyard Activities

Make the most of the outdoors this summertime with fun, eco-friendly backyard activities.

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