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Homemade Treat Recipes For Your Pets

Here are three healthy and easy-to-make recipes for your favorite fur baby.

Benefits of Starter Pets

How to Choose Healthy Food for Your Pet

With pet obesity as a serious problem in the United States, learn the important nutritional considerations to look out for.

Winter Tips for Pets

ASPCA Tips for Planning a Pet-Friendly Thanksgiving Meal

Many traditional Thanksgiving foods can be dangerous for our pets. Check out the following tips from ASPCA experts for a holiday your pets can enjoy, too.

Should Dogs Be Around Babies?

Critters in the Classroom

Does your child’s class have a pet? Whether it’s a rabbit, a hamster, or other kid-friendly animal, here’s why the experience is helpful—and how you can make it even better: Seeing the benefits Studies have shown that the presence of animals in the classroom can help kids develop a sense of empathy, says Beth Daly, Ph.D., a professor of education …

Greener Fish Care

Want to keep your finned friend and his tank in top shape? Follow these three tips from Stephen Zawistowski, science adviser for the ASPCA.

Dental Care for Pets

De-Stinking Fido

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