DIY Halloween: Pinecone Costume

Jennifer Richards

This spiky seedling is way more adorable than any old acorn, plus it’s easy to assemble. MATERIALS 
Oversize brown hooded sweatshirt Scissors Brown long-sleeve T-shirt Needle and thread or sewing machine Old plastic bags or newspapers Leftover paper bags Paint and/or glitter Nontoxic glue Gray leggings Brown shoes INSTRUCTIONS Cut the sleeves off the sweatshirt. Place the T-shirt inside the …

pinecone thanksgiving craft

Pinecone Corn Place Card Holders

by Ellen Goldberg, photograph by Nicole Hill Gerulat

Materials Pinecone Nontoxic yellow paint Paintbrush Scissors Brown paper bag Nontoxic craft glue Cardboard Colorful scrap paper Tape Instructions 1. Soak pinecones in water for 30 minutes and watch them tighten to look more like an ear of corn. Let dry overnight. 2. Brush the yellow paint on one side and let dry. 3. Cut small strips of the brown …