Frightful Food!

Liz Schnabolk

Franken-moleFill a section of a bento box with guacamole. Add sliced cherry tomatoes for eyes and pieces of thin pretzel sticks for hair and a jagged mouth. Brains ’n eyeballsCut a small hole in each mini mozzarella ball. Stick in half a green, pimento-stuffed olive. Repeat with a second ball. Serve on top of spaghetti. Banana fingers Peel a banana …

The First Thanksgiving Recipes

The First Thanksgiving Recipes

KIWI Magazine, recipes by Laraine Perri

Thanksgiving’s always been a time to celebrate life’s bounties—namely, food. But for the Pilgrims and Native American Wampanoag who gathered round the table for the first Thanksgiving in 1621, the fact that food was available at all was something to appreciate. “The first Thanksgiving was actually a three day harvest celebration in October,” says Kathleen Wall, Colonial Foodways Culinarian at …