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6 Holiday Self-Care Tips

Ahh, the holidays… Discover six ways to practice self-care this season to make sure you and your family stay happy and healthy.

Tips for Coping with Quarantine

Suzy Reading shares her wisdom on how to care for ourselves and our families during these trying times of quarantine and social distancing.

Feeling Stressed? Try Sound-Healing Therapy

Without learning a meditation practice, singing bowl meditation allows you to reap the benefits of meditation without a disciplined learning curve.

Helping Kids Stay Stress-Free

No one knows how to live in the moment like a kid. Evidence: The wild abandon with which your preschooler dresses up her dolls—and completely ignores her dinner. But not every day brings such single-minded fun. There’s a lot going on in your child’s life, especially in today’s busy world, and it can sometimes be hard for her to sort …

Building the Mindfulness Toolbox