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5 Ways to Have a Socially Distanced Thanksgiving Celebration

Thanksgiving outside of immediate families is being advised against by the CDC. Here are a few ways you can still celebrate while socially distancing.

Throw a Plant-Based Thanksgiving Feast

We’ve whipped up a delectable and indulgent set of vegan-friendly options to take your Thanksgiving feast to a whole new level.

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Your kids will love putting their crafting skills to use for turkey day prep.

A Vegetarian Thanksgiving Feast

ASPCA Tips for Planning a Pet-Friendly Thanksgiving Meal

Many traditional Thanksgiving foods can be dangerous for our pets. Check out the following tips from ASPCA experts for a holiday your pets can enjoy, too.

Gratitude Garland

Expresss your appreciation is by making a beautiful “gratitude garland” that you and your family can hang up this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Table Topper

Add a personal touch to your Thanksgiving or holiday table with this DIY name card craft, made in the shape of a cornucopia.

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