Frightful Food!

Liz Schnabolk

Franken-moleFill a section of a bento box with guacamole. Add sliced cherry tomatoes for eyes and pieces of thin pretzel sticks for hair and a jagged mouth. Brains ’n eyeballsCut a small hole in each mini mozzarella ball. Stick in half a green, pimento-stuffed olive. Repeat with a second ball. Serve on top of spaghetti. Banana fingers Peel a banana …

4 Halloween Candy Alternatives

4 Halloween Candy Alternatives

Samantha Mellone

Looking for something sweet to serve up at your festive bash or to those hungry trick-or-treaters? We know you want better than traditional sugarcoated candies—here are four tasty options to try: CLIF Kid Zbar Monster Chocolate Mint The organic, baked, whole grain energy snack is back in a superspooky (not to mention delicious!) version that mixes the delectable flavors of chocolate …