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5 Plant-Based Alternatives for Everyday Meals

Whether you’re looking to cut back on meat consumption or are looking for something new, try these delicious plant-based alternatives to everyday meals!

Protein Swap: 5 Easy Vegan Meat Replacements

Whether you are trying to up your meatless Monday options, cut back on your carbon footprint, or are looking for a new protein for your plate, swapping out meat for vegan protein is a great option.

Throw a Festive and Healthy Winter Brunch

Start the merrymaking before midday with these three healthy, easy, and delicious brunch recipes fit for a holiday celebration.

Vegan Treats Made for Holiday Celebrations

Serve up these vegan treats to the sweetest members of your crew for a holiday to remember. Dairy-free and oh, so delicious, you’ll want to make these decadent desserts over and over again.

Throw a Plant-Based Barbecue

Go beyond the meat and poultry mainstays to throw a plant-based cookout bursting with seasonal ingredients, south of the border flavors, and vibrant colors.

Raising Plant-Based Eaters

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Should We Change Our Diet?

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