Thanksgiving Table Topper

Add a personal touch to your Thanksgiving or holiday table with this DIY name card, made in the shape of a cornucopia.


  • Scissors
  • Old newspaper
  • Masking tape
  • Yarn
  • Hot glue (with adult supervision)
  • Recycled cardboard or buttons card stock
  • Markers


  1. Cut one-inch-thick strips of newspaper and tape them at the ends to make a long piece. Roll paper into a tight spool, until it’s as wide as a half dollar. Secure with tape.
  2. Push the center of the spool outward to start creating a cone, then bend the cone into the curled cornucopia shape. Secure by wrapping it with a layer of masking tape. Add more tape and paper until you have your desired shape.
  3. Wrap yarn around it until you have about two or three layers’ worth and none of the tape/paper is visible. Secure the last yarn piece at the bottom using hot glue.
  4. Cut a small, half-dollar-size circle from cardboard and cover in yarn. Secure to the front of the cornucopia.
  5. Cut rectangles of card stock to create place cards and decorate with the names of your dinner guests. Insert cards and use them to dress up each place setting!