The Best Natural and Organic Kids' Foods (2012)

Figuring out what to put in your child’s lunch box every day can be tough enough, but trying to choose a fun treat that’s also free of artificial ingredients can make it even more of a challenge. To find out the top choices for KIWI families, we went straight to the source—you! We asked readers to choose their favorite snack brands in 10 different categories—from salty choices like popcorn and potato chips to sweet treats like chocolate chip cookies. To be considered, the brand or product line had to be natural or organic and free of any artificial ingredients.

Gummy Fruit Snack

#1 Annie’s Homegrown
Additional Winners:

Snack Bar

#1 Kashi
Additional Winners:


#1 Annie’s Homegrown
Additional Winners:

Potato Chips

#1 Kettle Brand Organic Chips
Additional Winners:

Chocolate Chip Cookie

#1 Newman’s Own Organics
Additional Winners:

Allergy-Friendly Salty Snack

#1 Pirate’s Booty
Additional Winners:

Allergy-Friendly Sweet Snack

#1 Amy’s
Additional Winners:

Parent (and kid!) tested

For this year’s KIWI Awards, we added a new twist: Our first-ever taste test. Five Moms Meet groups—over 100 parents and kids—sampled a selection of pretzels and chocolate sandwich cookies and weighed in on their favorites. These are the brands the groups loved most.

Best sandwich cookies

Late July

“Everyone agreed these tasted like Oreos, but healthier!” —Brittany Vandewalker, Leesville, Louisiana

Country Choice

“Best tasting, smelled like chocolate, good wafer and frosting, no aftertaste.” —Jenn Mariscal, Dayton, Idaho

Trader Joe’s

“They tasted the most like Oreo cookies and some even said they enjoyed them more than Oreos. It’s also the cookie that most of the kids seem to flock to more as well.” —Dawn Ciacco, Greensboro, North Carolina

Best pretzels

Pretzel Crisps Original Deli Style

“These were light and airy. Everyone loved them, even the picky kids.” —Michelle Faber, Southampton, New Jersey


“They tasted great, and the design of bunnies and carrots was adorable. I personally could not stop eating them! Addicting!” —Michelle Dawn Ciacco, Greensboro, North Carolina

365 Everyday Value

“They tasted like a pretzel should taste: crispy and delicious!” —Jenn Mariscal, Dayton, Idaho