The Next Super Food?

IXy_nHjLHHGEomddOz0SqHTiigBtYRaWt7E-KsfaTuE,AG2rH42n_uvEPuIa1bK3I5xHaa_EmfFEfZjhkBfOpsM,BWiTtETofmIlRIp-WqNSrnneI322zyHW_sPLMcxPetE,FVD2zxX69-LcGO1v1MoTSrJrW_U-KZNTbPZjQjXNyAsMove over, quinoa—there’s a new ancient grain in town. It’s called kañiwa and, like its slightly larger cousin, it packs a serious nutritional punch with protein, antioxidants, and fiber. Kañiwa’s nutty flavor makes it perfect for both sweet and savory dishes: You can add it to salads or simmer it in milk and top with spices and fruit for a better-for-you breakfast porridge.