Throw a Plant-Based Thanksgiving Feast

We’ve whipped up a delectable set of vegan-friendly options to take your feast to a whole new level. This Thanksgiving, indulge in sweet and savory plant-based dishes sure to please everyone at the table.

With a mix of seasonal and classic ingredients, vegans and omnivores alike can enjoy the holiday meal without meat or dairy. Dive into vegan gravy, from-scratch cranberry sauce, vegan mashed potatoes, roasted cauliflower steaks, and more. 

One of the best parts of a plant-based dinner is not having to worry about roasting a whole bird in the oven all day. Each recipe is easily baked in the oven at 375ºF or cooked on the stovetop, meaning less hassle when it comes to swapping things in and out of the oven. 

Check out the recipes below! (Recipes marked with an asterisk require prep-work or cooking a day before serving.)

Smoky Roasted Cauliflower Steaks with Chimichurri*
Vegan Mashed Potatoes
Butternut and Apple Tian
Sourdough Stuffing*
Pan-fried Green Beans with Shallots
Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Maple Glaze
Vegan Gravy
From-scratch Cranberry and Mandarin Sauce*
Apple Batter Pudding