Tin Can Wind Chimes

Try this easy upcycled craft from Penny Bauder. Penny Bauder is a mom of two and an environmental activist based in San Diego. She’s the founder of the earth-friendly craft subscription company Green Kid Crafts.


  • Hammer and nail
  • 9 clean metal cans
  • Nontoxic paint
  • Glitter
  • String or twine
  • Large plastic lid


1. Use the hammer and nail to pound a hole through the bottom of each can.

2. Paint cans different colors (including the bottoms). While the paint is wet, sprinkle glitter on cans. let them dry, bottom side-up.

3. Cut a 20-inch piece of string. With can bottom facing up, run string through the hole of one can, leaving 8 inches of string hanging out. Tie a knot in the string in the inside of the can. Then, on the same string, tie two more cans in the same way to make one tin can chime. repeat with the remaining cans and string.

4. Poke three holes near the edges of the plastic lid. Run string from each chime through one of the lid holes and knot to secure.

5. Poke four holes into the lid corners. Cut two 25-inch strings. Run the first string up through two diagonally-opposing holes so the ends meet at the top. Repeat with other string. Tie string ends into a knot.