Sparkly Unicorn Hat

The mystical unicorn! Do you know anyone who loves them? It’s super easy to make your own unicorn horn from self-adhesive craft foam and ribbon. It’s easy to keep the mess down when your craft supplies have stickiness built right into them. You get to skip the glue completely for this one!  

These unicorn horns also make an awesome birthday party favour. (Did you notice that they are also very similar to party hats?) Place the horn on your head, tie the ribbon under your chin, and it’s an instant transformation! 


  • 1 piece of sparkly, self-adhesive craft foam 
  • Thin ribbon 
  • Thick ribbon


  • Scissors  


1. Cut out a pie-shaped piece of craft foam, about 7 inches long on the straight edges and 6 1/2 inches wide on the curved end (or a similar size that fits on your piece of craft foam).  

2. Trim off 1⁄2 inch from the point of the pie shape. 

3. Cut off about 1⁄2 inch of the paper backing from one edge of the craft foam, leaving about 1⁄2 inch of the sticky part showing.

4. Roll the craft foam into a cone shape. Use the sticky inside edge of the foam to hold the shape together. If the bottom edges don’t meet perfectly, trim the bottom edge of the cone and make sure it can stand straight up.

5. Take the end of the thin ribbon and carefully push it into the point of the cone. Open the point of the cone if you need to and make sure you press it tightly closed again to keep the ribbon in place.

6. Wrap the thin ribbon around the cone several times, evenly spacing the ribbon as you work your way from the point down to the bottom of the cone. Cut the ribbon, leaving at least 1 inch of extra ribbon at the bottom. 

7. Carefully peel back a small portion of the self-adhesive backing and press the ribbon onto the sticky part. Push the backing back in place over the ribbon.

8. Cut two pieces of the thicker ribbon, about 20 inches long each. Carefully peel back a small portion of the self-adhesive backing and press about 1 inch of the thicker ribbon onto the sticky part of the foam.

9. Push the paper backing back in place over the ribbon. Repeat Step 8 and 9 with the other piece of ribbon on the opposite side of the cone.  

10. Your sparkly unicorn horn hat is complete!