Practice Upcycled Eating At Home

homemade jam

According to research done by the USDA, we as a country waste 30-40% of our food supply every year. To combat this issue, many brands, restaurants, and individuals are starting to take part in the upcycled eating movement, a top trend for 2018. There are many ways that you can take part, but here are a few that we love.

Save those scraps for the soup Your vegetable peels, leftover lettuce, and excess herbs mixed together are the perfect catalyst for a delicious homemade stock. If you have bones left from your roast chicken or holiday turkey, throw them in the mix for a nutrient-dense bone broth filled with vitamins and minerals.

Pickle it Do you ever get too much of one kind of fruit and veggie in your produce co-op delivery? No problem! Practically everything can be pickled. Whether you want to make your own gut-healthy kimchi, pickle a jar of red onions or jalapenos for your next latin feast, or go sweet with pickled pears for your salad, there’s just no reason to dump the excess produce if you can’t eat it right away.

Make homemade jam Channel your inner Martha Stewart and throw those berries, apples, or peaches into a pot and get cooking. The great thing about making your own jam is that you can control how much sugar goes into the recipe. Grab enough glass jars to stock up for the winter months or to share with friends and family.

Create a compost pile Your food scraps can create a gardening gold mine when they start to decompose. This organic matter can then be added to your soil to offer a wealth of nutrients to help your plants grow.