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A Q&A with Integrative Pediatrician Dr. Joel Gator Warsh

Supporting Your Kids’ Immune Systems During the School Year

A Q&A with integrative pediatrician, Dr. Joel Gator Warsh

Kids are likely to get sick throughout the school year and it may even feel like your household is sick more often than they are well. (Those back-to-back illnesses can be so brutal!) As parents, there’s much you can do to nurture your child’s immune system each day and better support them when sick.

Dr. Joel Gator Warsh

Board-Certified Pediatrician, Raising Amazing Podcast

Dr. Joel Gator Warsh is a board-certified pediatrician in Los Angeles, California who specializes in integrative medicine and is the host of the Raising Amazing podcast. He has been featured in numerous documentaries, films, podcasts and articles including Broken Brain, Dr. Nandi Show, CBS, LA Parent, MindBodyGreen, and many others. He is also the owner of and the host of the Integrative Pediatrics Summit.

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