What's For Dinner, Mom?

Jaden Hair Blog: steamykitchen.com Family: Andrew, 8, and Nathan, 7; husband Scott Philosophy: Add spice to your life with fast, fresh, and simple Asian fusion Many people think that Chinese food consists of a lot of deep-frying and is unhealthy. What do you think? The only time I actually deep-fry is when I make my mom’s Chinese egg rolls a few times a year. But other than that, most of my Chinese cooking is stir-frying and wok steaming. Chinese cuisine has lots of vegetable stir-fries flavored with minced garlic and ginger. If I gave you a head of broccoli, you would . . . ? Steam the florets in a wok along with one cup of vegetable broth. I would then take the stem and make a quick pickle: peel away the tough outer layer until you get to the smooth, crisp center. Slice into very thin slices, toss with a bit of soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, and sliced fresh chile pepper. Serve! Best money-saving tip in the kitchen? Composting is a huge part of our kitchen and gardening ritual, and we use compost in the garden almost year-round. Not only is it good for the environment (and cuts costs, since organic fertilizer can be expensive), but we’re able to teach the kids about the cycle of food and reusing our resources.