8 Best Places to Resell Kids Items

It is a joy to watch kids grow! One recurring theme at every stage of childhood is that your kids will eventually outgrow their clothing and shoes. They’ll also grow out of items they use like toys, books, and more. What do you do with these items? Consider these eight places to resell them. Aside from the monetary benefit of earning a little extra cash to put toward buying larger sizes, you’re also keeping trash out of landfills and giving others opportunities to save on their own purchases for kids.

Kidizen (kidizen.com)


Kidizen prides itself on not only being a place to buy and sell gently used kids’ clothing, but also a community where like-minded moms can connect and grow together. Their Rewear program promotes brands that have a focus on sustainability for their customers who are shopping “new.”

Patagonia Worn Wear (wornwear.patagonia.com)

Patagonia clothing is made with high-quality, sustainable, and long-lasting materials. Worn Wear is an online place where you can trade in old Patagonia items and receive credit toward your next purchase of an old or new garment.

Mercari Local (mercari.com/us/local-shop)

Mercari Local is a resale hub where you can safely sell items to shoppers who live in your neighborhood. Buyers have the option of skipping the meetup by utilizing the Mercari Local delivery partner: For an additional $7.99, an Uber driver will pick up your order and deliver it to your home, contact free.  

My Little Outfit (mylittleoutfit.com)

This online shop has a fresh take on reusing too-small clothing. Trade in your gently used clothing for an upscale outfit curated by a professional stylist, available for babies up to 6-year-olds. 

ToyCycle (toycycle.co)


This online thrift store is on a mission to promote sustainable parenting and reduce the impact of plastic waste. From baby products and toys to kids’ clothing, selling your items is easy and comes with a customer satisfaction guarantee. 

OfferUp (offerup.com)

OfferUp is another online local buying/selling platform. It’s as simple as creating an account, snapping a photo of your item, writing a short description with price info, and posting. OfferUp’s messaging also allows you to direct message interested buyers and sellers. 

Do a Local Search

If you’re interested in selling your items to a local storefront, try a Google or Yelp search for “local consignment shops” in your area. Most will offer trade in or credit to the store so you can buy the next size up or other kids’ items. 

Facebook Marketplace (facebook.com/marketplace)

One of the simplest ways to resell in both your local community and around the country is Facebook Marketplace. Whether it’s toys, clothes, kids’ furniture, or beyond, you can easily list your item, set your preferences, and communicate right through Facebook with potential buyers.