Why I’m Attempting the 5 Gift Rule This Holiday Season

KIWI's 5 Gift Rule

I absolutely LOVE the holidays. Sneaking in Christmas movies the minute Halloween is over, making (and eating) too many cookies with my kids, forcing my husband into matching jammies…I could go on and on. But the one part that I’d like to overhaul is the gift giving and receiving. 

To put it simply, my kids don’t need anymore stuff. None of us do. I know I am speaking from a place of privilege to say we have more than our share. And this is not to say our kids won’t need new things as they grow and develop. But I can assure you that my son does not need all 20 of the cars and trucks or piles of stuffed animals that have made their way to our playroom.

According to a recent study conducted by One Poll for Avocado Green Mattress, respondents produce 43% more waste on average during the winter holiday season. With the looming climate crisis and plastic pollution problem affecting us all, my hope is that we can appreciate doing more with less, and teach our kids to as well. 

That’s why, before I go down the rabbit hole of keeping up with the Joneses, I am committing to pairing down Santa’s list to only the essentials by following KIWI’s 5 Gift Rule. Whether you wish to join me, or just take a more realistic inventory of what your loved ones actually need, every bit helps. 

And if you have enough to spread the wealth, this is the perfect time of year to help others. You can provide gifts for a local family or donate to national organizations like the Salvation Army.

This holiday season, you can shop smarter with KIWI’s “Meaningful Holiday Gift Guide” in our Winter issue. In it you’ll find presents made with mental health, sustainability, and family togetherness in mind.